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Thoughts of Light


Concept for an interactive light installation for the church window of the

Catholic Church St.Trinitatis, Leipzig Germany  2011 / 2012


Thoughts of Light is specially designed for the competition of the new building for the Catholic church in Leipzig, Germany. The large panoramic window of 3 x 22 meters forms the canvas for the piece of art, reflecting the vision of the church: the artwork has to communicate from inside the interior to the public space outside. It has to invite the passer-by as well as the religious men and women to lead them into the church.


My vision of this request is based on both spirituality and the metaphor for the creation. The idea was to interview the people of Leipzig and ask them an important question: what means spirituality to you? The answers are a substantial element of my installation. For the other part of my concept: creation, I used the image of the vast universe: from a far distance the viewer can see numerous points of light fading in and out.


When approaching the universe in the panoramic church window at 1-2 meters, the viewers’ presence causes interaction: slowly the thoughts about spirituality are dissolving into the universe in tiny dots of led light. Words, which trigger the observer, words shared by the population of our contemporary society, will invite the passer-by to come into the church. Now it is up to the people to communicate and reflect instead of the institution called church.


Interactive Light Installation 3 x 22 meters, led light embedded in glass panels, Leipzig Catholic church, Germany