Commission for a neon light installation from Rijksbouwmeester / the Government Architect

of the Netherlands for the new escape route in the tax building      Eindhoven 2010


For the new escape route in the building of the tax collectors office in Eindhoven I designed

a neon light installation covering 11 floors up to 42 meters high. In the white sterile spaces

of the escape route, I made subtle drawing-like lines in white, green and blue neon tubes.


The green and blue colors refer to the connection between heaven and earth: a metaphor for

the sky-scraping building. The white neon light is the neutral link between the foundation

and the sky of the escape route also providing the necessary brightness for safety in the new staircase.


Inside the neon is very delicate like a powdered drawing of light, covering the walls in fine

shades of green and blue. Outside a vertical trail of blue and green light dominates the facade

of the building, attracting the attention of the inhabitants of Eindhoven from far away.


Neon Light installation in blue, green and white 33 x 1,5 x 150 meters, 11 floors  Photo’s: Verse Beeldwaren ©  2010