Sky – Light




Commission for an artwork in the entrance of the new Parking / Loft building

‘De Gouden Leeuw’ from the city of Venray NL 2009


For the new building of Parking ‘De Gouden Leeuw’ in Venray I designed a giant light box for the ceiling of the entrance. One condition of the jury was the merge of architecture and art piece. I decided to ‘break up’ the ceiling with a view on tree structures resembling both leafy canopy and also root systems.


The scenery of the foliage and branches seems to breath in a slow and meditative rhythm.

Sky – Light widens the oppressed and star space of the underground parking with numerous shades in the white, green, yellow and bleu spectrum.  Two hundred and sixty led modules in the light box bring on a delicate light choreography that takes thirty minutes in a time-loop.

The slow pace of the illuminated Sky – Light offers the visitor a calm, balanced atmosphere in the dark underground space and invites him to linger even longer in the entrance.


Polycarbonate, full-color print 150 x 650 cm, wood, aluminum, led light and dmx