Floating Sphere



Floating Sphere     


Sketch proposal for light shaft U160 for the Karolinska Hospital Stockholm 2012

Aluminum sphere, 4 m diameter, led lights, dmx, contra weight and tackle


For the concept of ‘Floating Sphere’ I was inspired by the fascinating world of the micro- and macro cosmos: the world of the smallest particle versus the very opposite: the endless vast space of the universe. The spectator who watches ‘Floating Sphere’ can absorb the exciting universe of abstraction and the essence of the micro- and the macro world. This is translated into very slowly moving and dissolving illuminated images of this exciting alien and exotic universe.


Floating Sphere is a huge aluminum globe of just about 4 m diameter covered with thousands of small led lights. The giant ball is hanging on a tackle with a contra weight and gently floats up and down the light shaft in a very slow movement. On it’s way up and down it will take at least two hours to come back to the starting position. In a universal language of images, regardless any age or gender, the spectator can immerse into this world of light, forget his surroundings and experience his own inner time.