Licht Graffiti

Light Graffiti


Commission from the City of Margraten for an environmental

artwork in front of the St.Barbara Church in Scheulder, Nl 2010


For this commission I started my research in the St. Barbara Church in Scheulder, entirely built of the soft marl sediment. High up into the church tower I bumped into a hidden piece of history: some visitors of the church secretly carved their names and drawings into the soft marl. Children, freshly wedded couples, famous people and even American soldiers of the 2nd World War, grooved various messages, yet unseen for strange eyes.


I literally placed this secret history of the church into the pavement of the village Scheulder. I photographed the engravings, put them print-to-plate onto glass tiles and placed them into stainless steel casings supplied with waterproof led lights. In the pavement in front of the church I spread out 20 glass tiles and 10 tiles with translucent concrete. During daytime the passer-by can the see Light Graffiti in the greenish glass tiles very clear. But during the night, the magical atmosphere of the illuminated pavement in warm marl colored light comes to its full extent. A piece of hidden history is finally visible for every one.



Safety glass, stainless steel, 20 tiles 15 x 18 x 35 cm, translucent concrete 10 tiles, led light