2014   Special Award ‘Places of Light’ Schalksmühle, Germany

Award for the lighting design of the Volme Generation Parc Schalksmühle,

Realization autumn 2015



2004   Parkstad Limburg Cultuurprijs

Museum Stadsgalerij Heerlen / Schunck NL

The jury : “The pasteldrawings and videos of Diana Ramaekers are characterized by a  sober, abstract beauty. With artificial light the artist creates a breathtaking stillness. She practices in her own modern way the centuries old technique of the chiaroscuro.”



2002  Prix de Rome – Film & Video : basic prize

Monte Video Time Based Arts, Amsterdam NL, Luxtheater Nijmegen NL, Institut Neerlandais Paris, France, Museum am Ostwall Dortmund, Germany


The Prix de Rome is the most important incentive prize for young artists and architects awarded by the Dutch state. Originally founded in 1817 by King Willem the first, the prize was laid down by law in 1870 by King Willem the third.


“Diana Ramaekers work is also firmly rooted in 20th century modernism. Her work is both about the presence and substance of light as material, in the tradition of James Turrell or indeed Edward Gordon Graig but is also about motion and inevitably narrative, or rather to use the phrase of experimental British filmmaker Peter Gidal, anti-narrative, since there is no representational image just moving planes of light.”  From the catalogue: Mark Nash is co-curator of the Documenta 11 and lectures on film history and theory, at the School of Art and Theory, University of East London.


“Altough she uses only limited means, Diana Ramaekers’ videos are quit magical. Her subjects are far from spectacular –  in one piece, Ramaekers registers the way a band of light penetrates a dark space through the crack of an open door, while another follows a shadow as it inches across a wall. Her videos are silent, slow and tranquil as though the artist is attempting to reverse the current trend of fast-paced pop videos and commercials. In her work, Ramaekers takes the time to show how light can alter a space.” Prix de Rome catalogue: Sandra Smallenburg, critics of the NRC Handelsblad.



1998   Van Bommel van Dam Public Prize

Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo NL

Public award for the drawings



1996   Traveling Award from the Kunstverein Düsseldorf

Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen Düsseldorf

Travel to the Isle of Lanzarote, Canary Islands



1994   Joseph- und Anna Fassbenderpreis der Stadt Brühl  –  first prize

Town House Gallery Brühl, Germany

First prize for graphical arts: Diana Ramaekers was the first female artist awarded, with the prize of the graphical artist Joseph Fassbender, a friend of the surrealist Max Ernst.