Dialogue between light and (public) space



“I am fascinated by the power and the ambiguous nature of light. On the one hand we experience light as a sheer physical phenomenon, on the other hand we sense different levels of light, navigating between emotion and metaphysics.


Light intrigues me also because of its remarkable opposite characteristics; expressed by the sensitive and poetic mind of light but also its violent, powerful and destructive nature. I try to show the spectator the exciting interaction between light and space. Every space, inside or outside, private or public has its own spirit and challenge for me.


Each time the underlying history and different dynamics of the space offer me a new framework for the dialogue between light and space. It becomes even more interesting for me in case of interactivity between the viewers moving in time, through the light-space. When the awareness of the viewer is significantly intensified for the omnipresent and versatile nature of light, I know that there has been a fascinating interaction between my work and the observer.”